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Campaign Management System - Build RPG Campaigns

Create Interactive Maps with the Lore-Point System

The AVA Game Management Suite (GMS) delivers a powerful RPG world building environment connected tightly to table top game play, enriching in-game experience.

Using the Lore-Point system you can add or connect Lore to maps and other artwork, creating highly dynamic game content

The Interactive map in action
Features of the GMS

Enhance Table Top Role Playing Games with AVA's

Game Management Suite

Build Worlds & Manage RPG Campaigns

Prepare & Manage Encounters 

The GMS enables the Game Master to easily prepare and manage encounters with our rule-agnostic Encounter Manager, designed specifically to support table-top, dice-rolling role playing games.

Features of the GMS

AVA Content Library

Access AVA Vault of illustrations, maps, and artwork for use in your campaigns. Over 500 maps and illustrations are available for use within the platform.

Meanwhile, you can also build your own library of maps and images for use in your games.

Map by AVA
Map by AVA
NPCs in the Vault

Enhance gameplay with the Adventure Log

The Adventurer Log is a game feed for the Game Master to share initiative order, maps, media, dice rolls, and lore with  players. The interactive chat log vividly enhances game experience for players at your table. Players create free accounts for their characters to connect with the Game Master’s campaign.

Features of the GMS
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