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Get started using the Game Management Suite (GMS)

Creating Campaigns

The GMS enables Game Masters to create unlimited number of Campaigns. Campaigns allow GM’s to world-build, create compendiums, adventures, encounters, maps, artwork and media that can be instantly shared with your players through the Adventure Log.

Creating and Adding Lore

“Lore” are the building blocks of campaigns in the GMS. Lore can work like chapters in a book and also encompass small details: like a side bar, an NPC description, or details on a map. Using our Lore-Point system you can add or connect Lore to map artwork, creating highly dynamic game content. 

Customizing Lore Points

When you add a Lore Point to a map, you can easily customize the look and feel to match your campaign.


The Encounter Manager was created to support Game Masters as they run table-top, dice-rolling encounters. GMs can prepare encounters before the game, easily manage initiative, “HP”, and add links to statblocks and audio. The GMS, keeps track of initiative, turns and conditions for each participant in the encounter.

Images and Galleries

Each campaign has a media gallery to which you can add images and artwork. You can also upload and add media from the gallery to any individual Lore in your campaign. Once added to a Lore, you can instantly share images, maps, media to the Adventurer Log, vividly enhancing game experience for your players. 

The Adventure Log

Players can sign up for free accounts and connect to your campaign through the Adventure Log. Game Masters send handouts, artwork, maps and initiative order to the Adventure Log with a single click. The GMS - Adventure Log connection enriches the whole RPG experience!

Managing Players

Once your players have a free Adventure Log account, send them your campaign code to connect them to your campaign with one click. Your can remove individual players from the campaign at any time.

Using Maps

The GMS excels at combining maps and other artwork with content that you create for your game. Each Lore you create can have one or more maps on which you can add “Lore Points”. The Lore Point system allows you to easily integrate game content with maps with a single click.

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